12-am conversations

A poem of sorrow.

Something not about data science. For George Floyd.

How come nobody ever told me childhood was a fairytale?

No, I am not saying that my childhood was like

a princess living in a palace.

Prince and princess are fairytales even for children.

I am talking about a time when I was taught,

if you were courageous, honest, and hardworking,

you could achieve anything in your life, like everybody else.

I am talking about a time when

bad behaviors always get punished

so that they can improve;

good behaviors always get rewarded

so that they can be set as examples.

I am talking about a time when

death, death was always due to natural causes or by some bad guys.

Never, never the police.

They were on the side of the heroes.

I was never told

my skin color would bring unequal opportunities

or death.

I was never told

my sex would bring harassment

or rape.

I was never told

I could born wrong, born to be disadvantaged, born to be something that

I didn’t want to be.

How come,

how come nobody ever told me,

childhood was just, a fairytale?

RIP, George. RIP.

Photo by Donovan Valdivia on Unsplash

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